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FileMaker, an aid to Geelong Hospital

In healthcare, patients are treated in a variety of locations and sometimes patients travel between those locations faster than their medical records do. So documenting patients’ clinical findings electronically is vital to ensure their information is accessible from numerous points of care, and to ensure that errors are reduced and duplication does not occur.

Victorian based Barwon Health (Geelong Hospital) is electronically managing patient information with a resource called CORDis. The FileMaker Pro solution, developed by Dynamic Solutions in conjunction with Barwon Health, has expanded to all units and wards in Geelong Hospital as well as to multiple sites within Barwon Health, including Community Health Centres and the Centre for Aged Care and Rehabilitation.

The letters of CORDis represent its functionality: Correspondence, Operation Notes, Reports and Discharge information system. This FileMaker solution has improved the quality of information available to hospital staff, sped up the transmission of information throughout the hospital and improved communication of information to GP’s.

“Previously, doctors with already heavy workloads had been handwriting discharge summaries and sourcing relevant information from numerous computer systems, making the timeliness of discharge summaries weeks to months late,” says Peter Kakris from Dynamic Solutions. “The hospital quite simply wasn’t getting the dollar value for their budget but with CORDis, discharge summaries are now received by GPs within 24 hours rather than weeks, receiving timely information from the Hospital allowing for better patient care.”

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