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4Filemaker, an aid to Geelong Hospital
3Yates Garden Care Franchisee
2Moreland Small Business Networking
1Foamex, Fast, Reliable, Secure Connections Interstate

FileMaker, an aid to Geelong Hospital

In healthcare, patients are treated in a variety of locations and sometimes patients travel between those locations faster than their medical records do. So documenting patients' clinical findings electronically is vital to ensure their information is accessible from numerous points of care, and to ensure that errors are reduced and duplication does not occur . . . click here to find out more


Yates Garden Care - Franchisee Database with Web Access

Yates Garden Care commissioned Dynamic Solutions to set up an accounting and invoicing system that their franchisees may access from all over Australia. Each franchisee has their own login name and password and they can enter their bookings and invoices on-line.

Moreland Bus Lines - Small Business Networking for a Small, but Growing Company.

Moreland Bus Lines are a small, but growing company company which were running a very basic set-up with Workgroup. As they grew, their requirements for workstations and a network became more sophisticated over time. After migrating their Novell network to Microsoft Small Business Server, they now have 12 PC's running Exchange, proxy server and shared applications on an ADSL connection. A firewall has been installed to ensure security of their files. We also set up remote access so management can access their computers and servers from another location. This remote access also allows us to offer IT support without having to go into their offices.

Foamex, FAST, RELIABLE & SECURE Connections Interstate

Foamex has offices in Victoria, South Australia & NSW. Dynamic Solutions provides Foamex with ADSL, a faster Internet connection. Recently we facilitated access for Foamex from their two interstate offices to Melbourne Head Office network via VPN and Terminal Services. Thus remote networks can access the Company Database and records in real time, eliminating the need for updated company records to be emailed daily to each office.


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