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Dynamic Solutions provides the following networking services:

Design and installation of local and wide area networks

Internet, intranet, email, and file server configuration

Workstation configuration and installation of software

Installation and maintenance of communication software and hardware

Diagnosis and repair of hardware faults

Operating system support (MacOS, Windows 9x, 2000, 2003, NT, Novell and Linux)

Tape and power back up solutions (UPS), and disaster recovery

Novell Support Dynamic Solutions is a Novell Authorized Reseller, accredited as a member of the Novell Partner Authorization Program. We provide support for Novell Netware, versions 3, 4, 5, and 6

Microsoft Support Dynamic Solutions provides on-site support for Microsoft Windows products and operating systems. We are a Microsoft OEM partner. We support Windows 95/98/2000/2003/XP and Windows NT Workstation or Server. We can also provide assistance and recommendations for complete office solutions from Microsoft's suite of products.

Unix Dynamic Solutions has experience with various Unix flavors, including SunOS, Solaris, Unicos and Linux. We use Linux servers extensively for our Internet requirements.

We also have experience installing Linux on Intel, Apple Macintosh and Sun Sparc hardware .



Tel: 1300 654 783
Fax: + 61 03 9850 3251
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