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There are a number of solutions available for remotely accessing your network or PC. The following are examples of popular solutions we have provided for our clients.

Please discuss your requirements with our staff who will advise you on the most appropriate set-up to suit your needs.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

With the advent of high speed Internet access, companies are looking for a
cost effective remote access solution. VPN allows you to expand your network - securely using encryption and tunnelling - to remote locations using the Internet. This enables you to connect to your company's server and access resources, an ideal solution for staff to work from home or another office, even interstate or overseas!

Terminal Services

Terminal Services and Virtual Private Networking in Windows 2000 and later can be used to give remote users secure, fast access to corporate data and applications over the Internet. These features reduce the need for banks of phone lines and modems, while allowing users to work efficiently with large files over virtually any network connection.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

VNC allows you to take control of a remote machine when both machines are running the appropriate software. The software uses very few resources and has cross-platform capability, so that you can access a Windows machine from a Macintosh or Linux machine, for example.

Some of our existing clients run VNC which allows us to access their computers. This means we may be able to diagnose and solve a problem without leaving our office, thereby saving our client a call-out fee!


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