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Dynamic Solutions is a certified FileMaker Solutions Alliance member.

We develop new FileMaker database solutions or extend existing ones for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

An example of our commitment to FileMaker is our internally
for the medical industry. We also run our in-house purchasing and invoicing system with an internally developed FileMaker solution we call BizMan

FileMaker Pro can directly serve web pages. If you have a database that you would like hosted on the Internet then we will help you with that too. Whether you want to host your database here at Dynamic Solutions or on your own premises we can help.

FileMaker, an aid to Geelong Hospital

In healthcare, patients are treated in a variety of locations and sometimes patients travel between those locations faster than their medical records do. So documenting patients' clinical findings electronically is vital to ensure their information is accessible from numerous points of care, and to ensure that errors are reduced and duplication does not occur . . . click here to find out more


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Fax: + 61 03 9850 3251
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